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Average industry rates for email as of December 2022
January 6, 2023

Average open, click, and bounce rates of Constant Contact customers by industry

Each month, we gather and examine the data from over 200 million emails sent from Constant Contact customers who have indicated their business type. This table of averages should give you a sense of how your results compare with others in your industry, so that you can meet and exceed your business goals.


What the numbers mean

The open, click, and bounce rates for your campaign give a well-rounded picture of how your emails are being received. They also give you a place to start when you're looking to improve!

  • Open rate - Measures the number of emails opened compared to the number of emails sent. Segmenting your contact list so that you can send more targeted content can help you improve your open rate.
  • Click rate - Compares the number of people who clicked a link within the email against the number of emails that were successfully delivered. Having a single call-to-action can help improve your click rate.
  • Bounce rate - Measures the number of emails sent compared to the number of emails delivered. Managing your bounced emails can help you improve your performance.


Comparison by industry chart

Take a look at the averages for your industry in the chart below. If your rate is close, you're doing great!


As of December 2022:

Business Type
Open Rate
Click Rate (Clicks/Delivered) Bounce

All Industries – Overall Average
34.51% 1.33% 10.28%

Administrative & Business Support Services (billing, phone answering, hiring, etc.)
27.17% 1.66% 10.25%

Child Care Services
42.60% 1.61% 9.20%

Consulting Services (management, marketing, advertising, blogging)
26.94% 1.08% 11.19%

Dining and Food Services
38.03% 0.68% 9.16%

36.89% 1.36% 10.35%

Faith-Based Organizations
43.36% 2.28% 8.77%

Family and Social Services (government, adoption, pet care, elderly care, etc.)
36.91% 1.38% 9.17%

Financial Services (accounting services, bookkeeping, advisor, insurance and brokerage, etc)
28.12% 1.03% 8.98%

Health and Wellness (physicians, home care, dentists, mental care, nutrition, etc.)
35.32% 0.77% 10.16%

Home & Building Services (cleaning, landscaping, contractors, construction, etc.)
37.88% 1.08% 12.65%

Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
36.96% 1.79% 5.13%

Legal Services
32.14% 1.29% 16.76%

Manufacturing and Distribution
27.17% 1.13% 13.86%

Nonprofit Membership Organizations
39.40% 1.70% 11.56%

Nonprofit Services
38.00% 1.31% 10.40%

Personal Care Services (nail, hair, skin, nutrition, fitness, etc)
34.88% 0.70% 11.72%

Real Estate
33.25% 0.85% 12.63%

Recreation, Sports & Entertainment (Yoga studio, bowling alley, etc)
39.39% 0.96% 9.61%

Repair and Maintenance
28.62% 0.77% 5.83%

Retail (Brick and Mortar & Online, wholesale and direct selling)
33.11% 0.88% 8.00%

Technology Services
19.01% 2.30% 12.46%

Transportation Services (trucking, warehousing, logistics)
35.53% 0.65% 12.78%

Travel & Tourism (passenger transport, accommodations, travel agencies, etc.)
39.99% 0.88% 7.21%