4/16/2013: SinglePlatform and Chadwick Martin Bailey Study: Restaurants the Most Searched Industry by Consumers on Mobile Devices

According to the latest study from SinglePlatform at Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, restaurants are the most searched industry by consumers through both mobile applications and browsers.  The study, compiled through the feedback from 1,497 consumers who own a smartphone, found that 81 percent of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a mobile app and 92 percent through a web browser in the last six months, outperforming other highly searched industries, such as entertainment, retail outlets, hotels, and personal services. Further, 75 percent say they often choose a restaurant to dine at based on those search results.


“The results of this survey clearly indicate the need for restaurants to ensure that their menu information is up to date across all online platforms,” said Wiley Cerilli, vice president and general manager, SinglePlatform.  “Consumers are searching for new restaurants more than they are any other industry. When you take into consideration that 80 percent of consumers think it’s important to see a menu before they dine at a restaurant, restaurants stand to tremendously benefit in managing their menus wherever consumers see them.”


Key findings include:

1)      81% of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a mobile app in the last 6 months

2)      92% of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a web browser in the last 6 months

3)      75% of consumers often choose a restaurant to dine at based on search results

4)      iPhone owners are more likely to search for a restaurant than other smart phone owners

5)      80% of consumers think it’s important to see a menu before they dine at a restaurant

6)      84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine

7)      70% of consumers think it is important to be able to read the menu of a restaurant on a mobile device

8)      62% of consumers are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t read the menu on a mobile device

“Eighty-four percent of consumers look at more than one online menu when they are making a dining decision. Moreover, 62 percent are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t read the menu on their mobile device,” said Kristen Garvey, vice president of marketing, Chadwick Martin Bailey.  “The math is simple – it’s no longer okay to ignore your online and mobile presence. If a restaurant’s online menu is updated and available on mobile, it has a distinct step-up over competition in terms of conversion.”

“Consumers today are armed with so many resources – they don’t have to make guesses on what any given restaurant might serve them and they expect that the information they find will be accurate.  What we are seeing with the results of this survey is that online menus are essential in bolstering a restaurant’s ability to attract new patrons,” said Cerilli.  “Those that are able manage and update online menus in an effective and efficient manner are poised to benefit from repeat business and long-term success.”

A Constant Contact product, SinglePlatform gives small businesses a single place to update their critical business information and delivers that information across its robust publishing partner network, including sites such as Yelp, YP, Foursquare, and others, as well as the business’s social media profiles, website, and mobile site. It makes a business listing more than an address and phone number by adding the rich content that consumers want when they are searching for information – such as digital menus, products, pricing, and services.


About Chadwick Martin Bailey

Chadwick Martin Bailey is a Honomichl 50 ranked custom market research firm who works with many of the most successful companies and best known brands in the world to help them acquire, maintain, and grow their customer base. Founded in 1984 by John Martin and Anne Bailey Berman, the company has corporate headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, serving clients in more than 30 countries around the globe. Chadwick Martin Bailey focuses on using leading-edge research techniques to collect and translate the data into simple, business decision-focused deliverables.


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