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  • 5/10/16

    Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you not to put your hand on the hot stove? Or when you mistakenly went along with the crowd and your parents said, “If all the other kids were jumping off a bridge, would you do it, too?” What if I told you that email marketing is a lot like the hot stove? And just because lots of small business owners send email to customers without their permission, it doesn’t mean you should, too.

    American's SBDC
  • 5/3/16

    During this Small Business Week, many SMBs have good things to talk about - especially where their income is concerned. According to new data out from Constant Contact most SMBs in their latest survey report they either met or exceeded their revenue goals for Q1 2016.

  • 5/2/16

    This year is looking up for small businesses (SMBs), as a recent survey from Constant Contact reveals that more than 70 percent have met or exceeded their first quarter revenue targets.

    Website Magazine
  • 5/2/16

    We’ve touched on the importance of your brand, and identified the key components to creating one that is memorable, but today we’re going to hone in on brand imagery. Think of brand imagery as the frosting to your cake; it lures people with its outward appearance and enhances the flavor profile of the cake. A red velvet cupcake is great, but a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is infinitely better. Get the gist?

    Business 2 Community
  • 4/28/16

    Constant Contact recently announced the newest class of startups participating in its prestigious Small Business Innovation Program, an accelerator that supports entrepreneurs as they refine and grow their early-stage companies, and develop and solve issues for small business owners and nonprofits....

    Small Business Trends
  • 4/27/16

    Mobile should be top-of-mind when designing even paid Gmail ads, but there’s more for marketers to consider. Believe it or not, they need to start by thinking about Google AdWords and the Google Display Network, says Ballantine in its post “Best Practices For Using Gmail Advertising.”

    Target Marketing

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