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  • 5/20/16

    Ever heard “Your employees are your greatest resource”? It is true, though usually when we think of employees as a resource, we think of them doing their regular jobs. It’s time to look beyond the job descriptions and ask a few very important questions about this very valuable resource.

  • 5/19/16

    The average person gets 121 e-mails a day. The human race as a whole gets 193.3 billion e-mails and business e-mails account for 108.7 billion. That’s a lot of e-mail! So how can businesses stand out from the crowd? We asked the experts at Constant Contact that question and more. This week, Jeffrey is joined by Dave McCann the Vice President of Customer Success at Constant Contact.

    All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • 5/18/16

    What do the following three businesses have in common?

    • A boutique specializing in maternity wear successfully launches a new line of baby clothes.
    • A landscaper reaches out to existing clients to promote his snow removal service and cleans up every winter.
    • A popular wedding D.J. announces professional photography and videography services and soon he’s booked a full year and a half in advance of the big day.
    Albuquerque Business First
  • 5/15/16

    Whether you work from home, own a small business, or are in charge of a large corporation, it's impossible to deny that when it comes to the internet, it can be a powerful tool in promoting your enterprise. The ways you can use the internet to market and support your business are seemingly endless and sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming.
  • 5/12/16

    What type of email garners the most attention? How can enterprises hook more customers and be in the know? Matt Laudato, senior manager for Big Data Analytics at Constant Contact, addressed these questions and more during Data Summit 2016, explaining how to use big data analytics to optimize email marketing campaigns.

    Database Trends and Applications
  • 5/10/16

    Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you not to put your hand on the hot stove? Or when you mistakenly went along with the crowd and your parents said, “If all the other kids were jumping off a bridge, would you do it, too?” What if I told you that email marketing is a lot like the hot stove? And just because lots of small business owners send email to customers without their permission, it doesn’t mean you should, too.

    American's SBDC

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