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  • 12/12/11

    Constant Contact, an online marketing company that serves small businesses and non-profits, unveiled its new Social Campaigns tool today, giving users a way to create stylized landing pages on Facebook from which they can run "like-gated" campaigns and offers such as coupons, fundraisers, videos, and more.

    CRM Magazine
  • 12/12/11

    The biggest complaint I’ve had with social media management systems (SMMS) is that few if any are focusing on small businesses. While I certainly understand the small business market isn’t ripe with big fish, there’s lots of little fish to fill that net and doing it right can wield incredible profits.

    Social Media Explorer
  • 12/12/11

    Constant Contact is one of the first companies that brought easy email marketing to small businesses, and now it’s launching a new product that aims to bring easy tools to enhance their social media marketing.

    The Next Web
  • 12/9/11

    I like to call 2011 "The Year of Social Media." Small businesses, franchises, nonprofits and entrepreneurs all got into the social-media game -- throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what stuck. To many, it probably seemed a chaotic mess of apps and gadgets flooding the market. Businesses had a lot of options to try to connect with customers, and some clear lessons emerged from the chaos.

  • 12/2/11

    One of the more common questions small business owners ask about social media is how to present themselves to their communities at large.

    American Express Open Forum
  • 12/1/11

    If you’ve ever asked yourself the question above, then this small business roundup is for you. You’ve got a great product or service in place, but how do you get customers to learn more about it and about you and your company? Marketing may not be as hard as you think and there are plenty of tools and a lot of advice to help you along the way.

    Small Business Trends

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