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  • The Business Journals

    As we enter the last 10 shopping weeks of the year, it's crunch time for small business owners as they gear up for the holiday season. Whether you've been a great procrastinator or a great planner, now is the time to get your holiday marketing strategy firmly in place so you can make the most of the upcoming season. Especially since 20 percent to 40 percent of many businesses' annual sales happen between November and January.

    The key to creating and executing a successful holiday marketing plan...

    The Business Journals
  • Website Magazine
    A new partnership between vCita and Constant Contact is equipping small businesses with online self-service tools.
    Through the partnership, vCita’s LiveSite solution is integrated into Constant Contact. This enables small businesses using both LiveSite and Constant Contact to drive engagement by embedding interactive tools like online scheduling, payments and invoicing into their email marketing and social campaigns. 
    Website Magazine
  • BizReport

    First, vCita has integrated with Constant Contact; businesses using both Constant Contact and LiveSite now have access to vCita's interactive tools to schedule campaigns, payments and invoicing.  

  • Amex Open Forum

    Word of mouth is a cheap but powerful marketing tool that can pay big dividends. Learn 5 ways to cultivate it the right way.

    You may not think you want your customers talking about you behind your back, but you do—if these are the types of conversations they're having. Since word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, you should strive to ensure that your customers aren't just satisfied with your products or services, but are genuinely inspired to tell others about your...

    Amex Open Forum
  • EContent

    Big brands have used mobile technologies in an effort to increase awareness, drive sales, and encourage customer retention for quite some time, but recent data shows that mobile adoption has seen a significant increase among small and medium businesses (SMBs) during the past year. In July 2014, Constant Contact released a new infographic based on a comparison of its 2013 "Mobile Pulse Survey" and its 2014 "Mobile Pulse Survey," which surveyed around 570 U.S.-based small business owners and...

  • The Huffington Post

    Using the Golden Rule of small business marketing, getting to know your customers, building relationships and finding your own voice along the way is so important. This is your advantage over big box stores and your competition. It's the thing that makes you special. You and your staff - your real, authentic selves. You can do this. Start where you are today.

    The Huffington Post

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