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  • The Business Journals

    Have you Googled your business lately? You may be surprised at the results. Just last week I Googled my favorite café after a friend asked for the name of a great lunch spot. What the search results pulled up, however, wouldn’t inspire me to choose this place had I not already known it. A complete and current online business profile is critical to attracting new customers and engaging existing ones. And if you follow these five steps, you’ll discover that the entire process can be easily...

    The Business Journals
  • Search CRM

    These days, IT executives are chasing a mythical Shangri-La in which sales charts go endlessly up and to the right because companies have secured the coveted "360-degree view" of their competitors and clients. But many organizations lack the data management best practices and analytics know-how to achieve this holy grail of a 360-degree view.

    Search CRM

    The digital age has made accessing email almost essential to keeping up with the demands of running a business, and the experts at Bounce Exchange believe proper utilization of email marketing is essential to optimizing a company’s potential for growth.
  • America's SBDC

    As a small business owner, you have plenty of things to do on a day-to-day basis. The last thing you need is to have another item added to your to-do list. That’s probably why you may not be overly enthusiastic if I suggest you start a blog for your business. But what if I told you that starting a blog could actually help you alleviate some of your most pressing marketing challenges and enable you get more from the work you were already doing?

    America's SBDC
  • Business Know-How

    How are new customers actually finding your business? Which of your marketing methods is working best? Here's how you can track down that information.

    Business Know-How
  • Social Media Today

    I remember reading a couple of years ago that email was dead. People weren’t using it to communicate any longer; instead, they were on Facebook, Twitter, and texting each other. And now, of course, there are all these other services that integrate graphics and video with just a little bit of content, like SnapChat, Vine, and Instagram. Email, though, certainly is not dead, at least not where businesses and smartphone users are concerned.

    Social Media Today
  • Open Forum

    If referrals are the No. 1 source for new business, why are so many small-business owners scared to ask customers to spread the word?

    If a direct ask puts a pit in your stomach, you need to understand a few things. First, satisfied customers are usually happy, even flattered, to be asked to help. Second, referrals can take on lots of forms, from the good things people say about you to their friends, to the online endorsements found on email and social media.

    Open Forum
  • The Business Journals

    If you are like most of the small businesses that I work with, then there is a good chance that you’ve already integrated email marketing as part of your marketing mix. And with good reason — email marketing is an affordable form of marketing and can be highly effective. 

    The Business Journals
  • Marketing Land

    Google is very good at forcing an issue. The company knows visuals are increasingly important for user engagement, so last week, it began testing a new image-rich grid view in the Gmail Promotions tab. The move to make images a key part of the email open rate equation should in turn compel marketers to pay more attention to the images they use in their campaigns.

    Marketing Land
  • Nightclub & Bar

    Sure, any business can create a profile on Facebook or Twitter but turning your online presence into profit requires a bit more than that. Here we’ll tackle getting your bar and/or nightclub found online and then share ideas on how to turn enthusiastic customers into online fans and followers that drive new patrons to your door.

    Nightclub & Bar