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In the News

  • Boston Business Journal

    The offices of More Than Words, the nonprofit that operates two bookstores staffed and steered by at-risk youth, are filled with bookcases, desks and chairs assembled and delivered by executives at Constant Contact Inc. during a day-long team-building activity for its top executives nationwide.

    Boston Business Journal
  • Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

    If you coordinate email with the social channels you’re using, people will have a better experience with your organization. Alec Stern shares his strategies, then tells the story of Constant Contact‘s birth. He’s a founding team member and vice president for strategic market development. (Recorded at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, NTC 2014.)

    Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio
  • Street Fight

    Crafting the perfect email newsletter is both an art and a science, however there are simple things that business owners can do to ensure that the digital messages they send out aren’t being overlooked or discarded. With 65.8% of small business owners now using email for marketing — largely writing, editing, and managing those efforts on their own, without the help of a dedicated staffer — it’s important that the marketing pitches being created are as personalized, succinct, and direct as...

    Street Fight
  • America's SBDC

    If you are like many small businesses, then you've already begun to integrate social media activities into your marketing efforts. But marketing on social media and driving results through social media do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. It’s entirely possible to grow an active following online- with lots of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, email subscribers, and even good reviews on Yelp- without seeing an increase in your businesses’ profits.

    America's SBDC
  • Business News Daily

    The jury may still be out on the value of Google+ for personal users, but for small businesses, Google+ can't be ignored. Google+ isn't just another social network a small business can use to boost its online presence, but it's also the ultimate resource to maximize visibility on Google search pages....

    Business News Daily
  • America's SBDC

    For businesses that host events, nothing can cause more angst than the idea of having low—or even worse no—attendance. While having some “no-shows” is to be expected, the reality is that with the right plan in place, you can not only circumvent empty chairs and empty tables, you can help ensure that your next event is a huge success.

    America's SBDC

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