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In the News

  • eMarketer
    Small businesses in Canada are still focused on traditional ways of engaging with their customers and potential customers, according to research from Constant Contact.
  • Web Marketing Today

    An email subject line is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not someone reads your message.

    That choice is not some deeply considered evaluation, but is done instantaneously and against the backdrop of competing interests that can range from the recipient hastily scanning through other emails to glancing up from her IPad to see if the barista has her latte ready.

    Web Marketing Today
  • G2 Crowd

    Thanks to the success of the Chicago Gridscape, we have started to look at other markets with a sizable technology scene. The state of Massachusetts has an enormous amount of tech talent and activity, so we had a feeling it would be a hotbed of activity.

    G2 Crowd
  • The Buffalo News

    July 1 will mark the one-year anniversary of the implementation of Canada’s tough anti-spam legislation. In a bi-national regional economy like ours, many companies that do business on both sides of the CanAm border have been watching this law closely.

    The Buffalo News
  • The Next Web

    When it comes to tech hubs, many entrepreneurs think they need to be based in Silicon Valley in order to thrive. Others look to tech centers like Silicon Alley or fast-growing Austin to establish their startup.

    The Next Web
  • Wired

    Job hunting is miserable. Just ask Connie Wong. Even with a degree from the prestigious Wharton School of Management, finding her first job proved to be a discouraging endeavor.

    “It’s like applying to a black hole,” she says. “You send countless résumés, spending hours crafting the perfect cover letter thinking each sentence is critical for getting an interview. And then you don’t even hear back that your letter was read.”


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