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In the News

  • Multichannel Merchant

    Canada’s long-anticipated Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, ushering in a new era for online marketing. However, new survey data from Constant Contact reveals that the majority of Canadian small businesses do not fully understand the law and how to be compliant and have taken limited action to date to adhere to the new regulations. Less than half of Canadian small businesses (42%) feel they understand how to be CASL compliant. Just 33% of Canadian small...

    Multichannel Merchant

    For Constant Contact, working with its 600,000 small business customers means helping them handle their email as quickly and as simply as possible, while keeping an eye on costs. So long before CASL’s enforcement date came and went, it was important for the company to be able to help its customers figure out how CASL would affect them.

    Small business accounting company Xero recently added a new feature called Smart Lists.

    This feature enables you to segments customers in Xero based on certain criteria.

    For example, who bought what product in a certain period of time? You can then take this list and seamlessly send it to Constant Contact to market to them.
  • Street Fight

    Here are six strategies for SMBs looking to improve open rates on their email newsletters.

    1. Write a descriptive subject line. “Your subject line is key to getting people to open your email. The subject lines that get opened the most are the ones that tell exactly what’s in the email. It’s that simple. With your subject line, tell me the when and what — ’40% Off Clearance Items this Saturday — and I’ll open your email to learn more about the where, why and how.” (Ron Cates, ...

    Street Fight
  • America's SBDC

    Even if your business has never been vilified online, you likely know someone who has that can testify to how detrimental negative comments can be. Whether or not the complaints are valid, they’re now on the record for all to see.

    America's SBDC
  • The Boston Globe (MA)

    The United States has a pretty big soccer game on its schedule today at the World Cup against global powerhouse Germany. The match’s outcome could determine whether the US’s World Cup bid remains alive, and it comes on the heels of a record TV rating in the Yanks’ Sunday night tilt against Portugal, so it figures to captivate the nation.

    The Boston Globe (MA)

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