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  • The Business Journals

    Here’s a familiar scene: You’re hanging out with friends and the conversation inevitably turns to the latest news, fun facts and hot places to go. Inevitably, someone will say, “I know I read about it somewhere.”

    Now let’s imagine that same conversation, except it ends with “I read it in…” and they’re referring to your email newsletter.

    The Business Journals
  • The Boston Globe

    What other after-work shindig features baggo, beer, live bands, startup pitches, and TripAdvisor’s owl mascot riding a mechanical bull?

    The annual TechJam block party returns to City Hall Plaza on June 11, and this year organizers expect it could grow to nearly 4,000 attendees. (Last year’s attendance was north of 3,000.) That makes TechJam, now in its third year, Boston’s biggest annual gathering for the local tech tribe....

    The Boston Globe
  • Inc.

    You're probably well aware of the lengthy sales cycles commonplace in industries like real estate and automotive. But, with the continued proliferation of information-hungry consumers, long sales cycles are no longer restricted to the usual suspects.

  • Small Business Computing

    Developing a customer mailing list is an essential part of building a successful business. Your mailing list adds value to your business, and it helps you keep in touch with customers. And no matter the size of your list—big or small—you need a tool to manage it. An email marketing service helps ensure that your list complies with the law, includes features for managing your contact details, and it provides tools to help you create and send email newsletters—and then analyze the results of...

    Small Business Computing
  • VentureBeat

    We’re studying email marketing at VB Insight, and we want to share some early data with you. We’re seeing that not only is email the most consistently highest revenue generating marketing channel, but it’s only poised to increase in budget, scope, and importance, particularly as both the platforms and marketers smarten up and start to take advantage of what’s available at nearly any price point.

  • Business Know-HOw

    If you're sending promotions to people who aren't interested in your offers, you're wasting your efforts and making yourself look like a spammer. Here's how and why you should get permission from your subscribers.

    In my last article I discussed what I consider to be the fundamentals of email marketing. Now I’d like to focus on one of the most crucial of those fundamentals: permission-based marketing.

    Business Know-How

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