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In the News

  • OPENForum
    11/19/14 12:00 pm EST

    As your business moves beyond the startup stage, be on the lookout for these 5 fundamental truths every business owner needs to understand.

    There are several universal truths every aspiring small-business owner already understands before starting a business: You’re going to work long hours, it could take awhile before your business catches on and you turn a profit, and you’ll be chief cook and bottle washer for the foreseeable future.

  • PPAI Publications

    More than three quarters of small businesses use reporting and analytics as guidance in their business decisions, according to online marketing provider Constant Contact. These findings come from a Constant Contact-sponsored survey conducted in October and administered to 1,200 small-business participants.

    PPAI Publications
  • AllFacebook

    Facebook hosted Data @Scale Boston at the Liberty Hotel last week, and the social network provided videos of the event’s presentations in the Data @Scale Boston group and on YouTube.

    Scaling Cassandra and MySQL: Stefan Piesche, chief technology officer, Constant Contact.

    Constant Contact used to scale data vertically in large DB2 databases attached to even larger SANs (storage-area networks). Since this is not only cost-prohibitive but poses significant scalability and availability...

  • Forbes

    1. What advice do you have for women advancing in leadership?

    Gail Goodman, Constant Contact:"The piece of advice that I give emerging women leaders is to..."

  • eMarketer
    Marketers of all sizes may struggle at times to make sense of data and analytics, but even the little guys are using it to make smarter business decisions, according to research from Constant Contact. Nearly eight in 10 US small-business professionals surveyed said they believed they were doing this—and another 8% said they wished they were.
  • MediaPost

    Most small businesses use analytics to make business decisions, find new customers, and nurture the ones they have, per a recent study by Constant Contact, a platform provider for multichannel marketing. 


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